BBF Clients

Singer, Songwriter, Producer

Jesse “The Architect” Ekagbo (Jess ETA) is a Nigerian producer, singer, and songwriter. He makes music that ranges from afro-infused RnB to pop with an afro-bend. He describes his music as relaxing (the kind of music to chill to) and exciting (the kind of music to drill to). His recent project Playing With Fire

displayed his eclectic tastes as he experimented with RnB, Soul, Pop and Rock in a masterful way.

Singer, Songwriter, Rapper

Mus is a Lagos Born Singer/Songwriter and Rapper who is currently based in Russia.
He defines his music as a perfect blend between Soul and Afrobeats, with a crisp blend of smooth yoruba into his lyrics which focuses on the pressure he faces as he tackles love interests,
chasing his dreams to be a musician, his social life, all while studying to become a medical doctor.
As always his soulful rendition draws you into this world he has created and shared.

Actor, Comedian Entertainer, Entrepreneur

Solomon Oluwajoba Kehinde Popularly know as JayKayKenny AKA Shortman is an Actor, Comedian, Entertainer and an Entrepreneur. He began his creative journey in 2014. He is also a graduate of the Toronto Film School.


RayTheBoffin is a music producer from Jos, Nigeria who experiments with unique sounds to build his musical universe, taking listeners on a journey through his world.